The Untethered Soul: Finding Freedom from Stress, Drama, and Fear

The Untethered Soul: Finding Freedom from Stress, Drama, and Fear
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Have you noticed that stress never leaves us and drama is an innate part of life sometimes mixed with fear of doing things we should and sometimes for our own good?

Discovering who we are doesn't require any special knowledge or theories—just direct experience. We are not the voice in our minds—we are the watcher of the voice. All of our problems come from the voice in our minds. When we become aware of our awareness, we enter a meditative state.

We all have infinite inner energy, and the way to unlock it is to be open—unblocking whatever is blocking its flow. For feelings like loneliness, we can take a step back and notice who it is that is feeling the loneliness—we will realize that the watcher (us) is already and always free. This makes me think we have the power to find true happiness... what that means for each of us within our power.

Getting out of our comfort zone offers us a chance to find freedom—to see our walls and cross them. Consciousness is a dynamic field of awareness and has no specific spot.

Do we want to be happy? We can be happy unconditionally—this is an amazing path of spirituality without stress, drama, or fear. We can live our lives as if we were to die tomorrow or in a week—we don't have to change our life, just change how we live. The only thing to get from life is the growth that comes from experiencing it.

The Dao is the middle way.

Consciousness is the deepest and purest thing there is, and we are consciousness. We can make a simple choice—be happy or not be happy—not "happy if my husband doesn't leave me".

We can be happy regardless of the situation and let go of clinging to things. Death is a great life master. Tao Te Ching teaches us the way of the center, the way of balance.

The Untethered Soul offers us a chance to unlock our inner energy and find freedom from stress, drama, and fear.

Taking a step back and becoming aware of our awareness can be a powerful way to free ourselves from our own minds and find happiness regardless of our situation.


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